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Recent K-6 Unit Studies

February 20, 2013 2678

Animal Tracks of North America

in K-6 Unit Studies Life Science
Simple Schooling Animal Tracks of North America is probably the most fun your student (of any age) will have learning science!  This unit has lots of cool animal track identification activities.  Students learn how animals are tracked through basics… Start Learning Now (Subscribers Only)

Recent 6-12 Unit Studies

January 14, 2013 1886


in 6-12 Unit Studies Forensic Science
Simple Schooling Microscopes is a basic introduction to the high school biology lab microscope.  This unit briefly goes over the history of the microscope as well as how microscopes have changed our understanding of the world.  Students will learn… Start learning Now (Subscribers Only)

Testimonial List

Simple Schooling Freebies

I Love your unit studies. I signed up for the 12 days of freebies, and we are currently doing the Penguin Unit Study. We have completed the Christmas Carols unit study. My girls, 7 and 9, are loving the unit studes and the links really help them understand. Thank you so much for the freebies and the discounted prices at Currclick.

Dec 13 2011
  • Jill Ladner
  • MS
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Our Testimonials

I love simple Schooling interactive unit studies. The kids really enjoy them and it makes my days easier. They learn so much and have a great time working with them. Thank you s

Fantastic Christmas Freebies. My kids have enjoyed them. Thank you!

I love the freebies, they help so much keep my son interested in the subjects.

We tried the freebie study unit on Amphibians. I appreciated the fact that it was a complete unit study with everything laid out for us. It was a rare treat to have something tha

This is our second year homeschooling and our second year using Simple Schooling units for science and fun. We've enjoyed the Christmas freebies both years, my daughter can hardly

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