August 10, 2014

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Bug Resources


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Resource for Activity 5.1 - All About Bugs

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Resources for Activity 6.3 - Learn to Draw a Butterfly

Resource for Unit Seven Main Text

Resource For Unit Eight Main Text

Bombardier beetle

Resources For Activity 9.2

Learn how to draw a ladybug.

Resource For Activity 10.1

Go play some more bug games!

Go here to learn more about the different patterns on butterfly wings.

Find out what it takes to become an entomologist!

Resource For Unit Eleven Main Text

Honeybee Life Cycle

How Bees Make Honey

Resource For Activity 15.1

Resource For Activity 17.1

If you’ve never had the chance to make a lantern out of lightning bugs the go watch these YouTube video and pretend you did it!

Resource For Activity 17.3

Tour De Turtle -

Resource For Activity 18.2


1.  Raise ants on an Ant Farm.  Watch them make tunnels and carry the sand around as they create their colony.

2. Raise a Butterfly Garden and watch your caterpillars make a cocoon and turn into butterflies!

3.Raise the darkling beetle in the Beetle Barn and watch as they develop from larvae to pupae to adult.

4. Raise some ladybugs in the ladybug Land kit!  Watch as live ladybug larvae grow, then attach themselves to the dome of the habitat and turn into pupae. Five days later, they emerge as red-and-black-spotted adult ladybugs!

5.  Make a diorama of a bug in their natural habitat.

All kits can be purchased here:

Or here:

6.  Make a poster about bugs.  Choose one that you raised, or just one you find interesting.  Print out some pictures from the internet and paste them onto a poster board.

Try to include several interesting and scientific facts like:

  • Where it lives
  • What it eats
  • How it develops
  • What kind of defense it uses to protect itself
  • How long it can be expected to live
  • The scientific name and what type of bug it is
  • Mention another bug that is closely related

After you gather all your facts type your answers up on the computer and print them out.  Arrange your answers on the poster board to make it look interesting.  You could even make a video of yourself talking about your poster.

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