August 28, 2014

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Middle Ages

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Resources for Middle Ages

Unfortunately How Stuff Works has removed many of their videos relating to this topic.  I have tried my best to find suitable replacements, but in some cases there were no videos on the topic in question at all so if your printable directed you to a resource here and it is not listed, the resource has been removed.

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Activity for Unit 5

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Activity for Unit 10

No longer available at how Stuff Works

Activity for Unit Eleven

Activity for Unit 13

Activities for Unit 15

Activities for Unit 19

Activities for Unit 20

PowerPoint presentation:,1,Arthurian Legends

Learn more about the Code of Chivalry:

Watch a movie about King Arthur and/or Knights

For Younger Kids:

“The Sword in the Stone”

More info here:

For Older Kids

The Mists of Avalon

More info here:

First Knight

More info here:

King Arthur: His Life and Legends

More info here:

Resources for Unit 24

First – Go to the following website

Second – Look at the map for each question.

Third – Answer the questions about each map

Resources for Unit 25

History of Asia:

Resources for Unit 26

Early Explorers

Exploration and Math



Complete at least four of the projects listed below in your final week of study.

1. Make a timeline of the Middle Ages.  Pick two or three events from each unit to add to the time line.  You can do a Google search for images of your event, print out the pictures, and glue them to a poster board to make it more interesting.  For an idea of how to set up your timeline – take a look at this picture: Put your timeline on a poster display board and then video tape yourself presenting your timeline to your family or homeschool group.  During your presentation, point out the important events that happened along the way and tell which event was your personal favorite.

2. Make a Medieval feast for your family. Many wealthy families in the Middle Ages had feasts that consisted of several courses, but you don’t need to go to such elaborate lengths!  Just pick a few delightful dishes and have at it!  The following website has an abundance of recipes to choose from.

3. Make a Medieval costume to wear to your feast!  (or just for fun!)

4. Watch a jousting demonstration

Make a poster display board about jousting and tournaments and then video tape yourself presenting your poster display to your family or homeschool group.

5. Learn about Medieval reenactments:

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