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3-6 Sequence

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Optional Sequence of Units for 3-6

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Students in this level will begin with an easy unit on the harvest and a primer on what is living and non-living in biology.  They progress into the ocean units, explore the coral reef, and finish this topic with sharks.  Students then move on to land animals and several units from the K-3 sequence are repeated for emphasis, while introducing new units that cover animals more in depth.  The second half of the sequence deals with the physical sciences such as space, the moon, and natural formations on the earth.  Students at this level complete the sequence with progressively harder topics on human nutrition and health which will prepare them to move forward in their scientific discovery.

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Parents should spend about a week on each topic – adding in storybooks, the online resources, and the optional digital PDF worksheets that are included in the K-12 subscription or which can be purchased from CurrClick Here.

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Subscribers can click the links to access the individual pages. Non-subscribers can learn more about the K-6 Unit Study Subscription here or purchase it here.  Parents interested in getting all the digital workbooks included and have students that span several grade levels might consider the full K-12 Unit Study subscription.  Learn more about it here or purchase it here.

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  1. Harvest
  2. Living Non-living
  3. Oceans 1
  4. Oceans 2
  5. Oceans 3
  6. Oceans 4
  7. Coral Reef
  8. Shark Week
  9. Arctic Circle
  10. Winter Survival
  11. Mammals
  12. Arctic Animals
  13. Reindeer
  14. Bears
  15. Moose
  16. Serengeti Secrets
  17. Migrations
  18. Reptiles
  19. Dinosaurs
  20. Birds
  21. Eagles
  22. Penguins
  23. Space 1
  24. Space 2
  25. Space 3
  26. Space 4
  27. Amphibians
  28. Lunar Phases
  29. Caves
  30. Mountains
  31. Rocks & Minerals
  32. Glaciers
  33. Plants
  34. Hatching
  35. Food Chains
  36. Your Five Senses
  37. Nutrition 101
  38. Dental Health


Upper Elementary Students might want to try the Solar System series if the Space series is too easy:

  1. Sun
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Earth
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn
  8. Uranus
  9. Neptune
  10. Pluto


The Complete Science of Horses digital download and interactive units are also included with this level.  The first 5 units are suitable for 5th grade and up, while units 6-15 are geared more towards middle school:

  1. Science of Horses PDF Workbook
  2. Horses 1
  3. Horses 2
  4. Horses 3

Optional Seasonal/Holiday Workbooks for sale at CurrClick:

Monthly Nature Studies:

September - Lapbook & Copybook

October - Tree, Leaf, Seed

November - Evergreen Trees

December - Ice & Snow

January - Winter Constellations


Holiday Fun/Copybooks:

Chinese New Year

Old Fashioned Deck the Halls Craft Pack

Great Pumpkin

Autumn Fun Book


Let's Talk Turkey

Thanksgiving Free Fun Book

Thanksgiving Copybook

Christmas Fun Book

President's Day

Patriotic Printing Copybook

President's Fortune Teller Chatterbox

Valentine's Day Free Book

Valentine's Day Fun Book

Easter Fun Book

Fourth of July

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